Best Practices for Transpromotional Printing

Best Practices for Transpromotional Printing
Feb 2009
Pages: 85
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Best Practices for Transpromotional Printing
WhatTheyThink, Feb 2009, Pages: 85


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This 85-page report provides an easy-to-read yet detailed overview of the market for transpromotional printing, the technolog(ies) involved, design issues, examples and case studies, and strategies for companies seeking to get involved in this hot graphic communications application.

What is transpromotional? It can be defined as “marketing and promotional materials presented alongside or integrated into transactional documents, such as bills, statements, medical reports, etc.” Transpromotional materials can be special mass-printed inserts added to the transactional document “package” (think of a color leaflet inserted into a bank or credit card statement) or generated digitally and printed at the same time as the rest of the document (think of that extra page of copy that comprises an American Express statement “package”). Marketing materials can also be integrated into the statement itself. Transpromotional messages integrated into a transactional document are often referred to as “onserts.” Like transactional documents, transpromotional materials can also be produced and disseminated electronically. The report also takes a long look at this significant opportunity for commercial printers hoping to implement transactional and transpromotional applications.

This best practices report identifies many of the current and emerging specifications and technologies, such as:

- vs. black and white

- simplexing vs. duplexing

- static vs. variable vs. offset “shells”

- sheetfed vs. webfed

- offset vs. digital

- toner vs. inkjet

The report also offers a rundown of hardware manufacturers, and a detailed look at software and solutions currently available for variable-data printing with an emphasis on transactional/transpromotional applications. The report offers examples of transpromotional applications “in the wild” and identifies those factors that made the successful ones successful. The report provides general advice, cautions, and caveats for shops looking to add transpromotional printing, and concludes with a rundown of what we perceive to be the “best practices” for producing transpromotional materials today, as well as our outlook for transpromotional.
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