Ink jet printing

Ink jet printing
Patent Agent: Patent Documentation Center - Rochester, NY, US
Patent Inventors: Trevor J. Snyder, David L. Knierim
Applicaton #: 20070024651
Class: 347010000 (USPTO)

A technique of operating an electromechanical drop generator having an electromechanical transducer, including applying across the electromechanical transducer a series of drop firing waveforms in a series of drop firing time intervals to produce a series of drops of substantially identical drop mass, wherein a characteristic of the waveforms is varied from one waveform to a next waveform.

[0001] Drop on demand ink jet technology for producing printed media has been employed in commercial products such as printers, plotters, and facsimile machines. Generally, an ink jet image is formed by selective placement on a receiver surface of ink drops emitted by a plurality of drop generators implemented in a printhead or a printhead assembly. For example, the printhead assembly and the receiver surface are caused to move relative to each other, and drop generators are controlled to emit drops at appropriate times, for example by an appropriate controller. The receiver surface can be a transfer surface or a print medium such as paper. In the case of a transfer surface, the image printed thereon is subsequently transferred to an output print medium such as paper.
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