Personal postnet barcode printers

Personal postnet barcode printers
United States Patent 5,013,895
Iggulden , et al. May 7, 1991
This invention provides a low-cost printer for use by businesses and individuals to print a ten digit Postnet barcode on an envelope at the time of mailing so as to improve the routing and delivery time thereof. There are input keys or dials for a user to manually input digits comprising a ZIP+4 Code of an addressee. There is also calculator logic for calculating a tenth digit representing a check value associated with the digits of the ZIP+4 Code and a printer for printing a sequence of Postnet barcode characters corresponding to respective ones of the digits of the ZIP+4 Code and the tenth digit comprising the ten digit Postnet barcode. In a manuel version, the calculator logic is separate from manual input and printing apparatus. A user uses the calculator logic to calculate the tenth digit and then inputs it manually for printing. In a powered version, the calculator logic is included with the logic which drives a mechanical printhead such as an inkjet or dot matrix printer.
Inventors: Iggulden; Jerry R. (Santa Clarita, CA), Streck; Donald A. (Ojai, CA)
Appl. No.: 07/425,301
Filed: October 23, 1989
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