Portable barcode printer

Portable barcode printer
United States Patent 5,092,688
Haennelt , et al. March 3, 1992
A barcode printer is provided constructed out of rectangular, extruded aluminum stock. The mechanical components are mounted directly to the stock frame of a main housing section which eliminates the need for a separate internal mechanism housing and an external cosmetic housing. The motor is mounted approximately in the center of the unit and along with a plastic enclosure assembly, acts as a spindle for a roll of printing media. This orientation of the motor maximizes its utility and contributes to the compactness of the unit. A full roll of printing media is loaded into the unit by removing a cap which covers the side of the roll of paper and provides see-through availability for determining the amount of stock remaining. The printhead is lifted off the platen (drive) roller and the paper will then slide on and off the spindle. The printhead lifting mechanism includes a printhead dial rotatably mounted on the frame and secured with a retaining ring. A spring anchor is mounted to the dial and protrudes into the housing. Another spring anchor is mounted to the printhead which is also rotatably mounted to the frame. An extension spring is connected to both anchors and in the closed position provides the required pressure (bias) for imaging. When the dial is rotated counterclockwise, the load is removed from the spring and the spring then acts as a push rod to move the printhead into an open position.
Inventors: Haennelt; Dennis R. (Pismo Beach, CA), Bergquist; John F. (Atascadero, CA)
Assignee: Cognitive Solutions, Inc. (Carmelita-Atascadero, CA)
Appl. No.: 07/575,823
Filed: August 31, 1990
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