Renewing the Print Industry: A Contrarian's Constructive Perspective

Renewing the Print Industry: A Contrarian's Constructive Perspective
Product Description
Dr. Joe Webb suggests that the printing business needs to be repositioned for its survival, and in the process cuts through commonly held misperceptions about how to do it.
This essential 89 page report, "Renewing the Print Industry: A Contrarian's Constructive Perspective," discusses six different business strategies that print businesses can use to deepen their client relationships and give them pre-emptive competitive advantage.
Among Dr. Joe's topics are the business environment factors that shape the demand for print, why the industry can't stimulate print demand (and why it shouldn't try) in a market being driven by new media. He reviews the right role for print marketing, issues in sales management, and other critical matters.
His framework for discussion is the basic communications process. Using the four elements of communications, he develops the ideas of how printers can shape their business mission. He describes that printers do not have to identify themselves as being in the "communications business" to survive, but can support it through a business he calls "communications logistics."
Along the way, Dr. Webb deals with topics about print being a commodity business, how sales management policies undermine strategic change, and how competitors shouldn't really matter in this environment. His admonition: "stay ahead of your customers, and let your competitors worry about you."
Whether you agree with Dr. Webb or not, this report is bound to create serious re-consideration about commonly held assumptions about the industry. These ideas can become a springboard for a significant renewal for print businesses, and ultimately, the industry.
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