Specialty Commercial Printing Industry in the U.S. and its Foreign Trade (1996-2008)

Specialty Commercial Printing Industry in the U.S. and its Foreign Trade (1996-2008)
This industry report focuses upon the Other Commercial Printing industry. This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in commercial printing (except lithographic, gravure, screen, or flexographic printing) without publishing (except books, grey goods, and manifold business forms). Printing processes included in this industry are letterpress printing and engraving printing. This industry includes establishments engaged in commercial printing on purchased stock materials, such as stationery, invitations, labels, and similar items, on a job order basis.
NAICS Hierarchy:
323119 - Other Commercial Printing
32311 - Printing
3231 - Printing and Related Support Activities
323 - Printing and Related Support Activities
31-33 - Manufacturing Sector
2759 - Commercial Printing, NEC (other commercial printing except flexographic, screen, digital, and quick printing)
2771 - Greeting Cards (other printing of greeting cards)
This industry report includes 133 pages of the latest market research information on this industry. This new release date contains data as current as January of 2007. In addition to the detailed explanations of the provided statistical data, there are 88 charts, 22 tables, and 12 graphs to effectively illustrate the content. Use this report as; an in-depth analysis of the industry, an industry reference guide, an aid for benchmarking and forecasting, and as a tool for uncovering new business opportunities. Please refer to the Table of Contents for more information. The report is considered as the most comprehensive research in the market.
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