XML system

XML system
United States Patent 7,172,122
Alleshouse February 6, 2007
An XML system is configured to print bar code labels, tags, tickets, cards, or other media, and/or encode RFID devices embedded in media, based upon an extensible markup language (XML) input data stream. The XML system includes a computer system having a memory subsystem, a communication interface operatively coupled to a network, an XML processor configured to receive and process the XML input data stream, and an extensible stylesheet language transformation (XSLT) processor configured to either obtain a stylesheet identified in the XML data stream or obtain the stylesheet from a stylesheet repository. The XSLT processor transforms data in the XML input data stream into transformed XML data based upon the stylesheet obtained. Also included is an extensible stylesheet language formatting object (XSLFO) processor configured to format the transformed XML data into formatted XML data based upon XSLFO instructions contained in the stylesheet, and a rendering subsystem configured to receive the formatted XML data and generate a printable representation of the bar code label, tag, ticket, card, other media, and/or generate encoding information for an RFID device.
Inventors: Alleshouse; Bruce N. (Wilmette, IL)
Assignee: ZIH Corp. (Hamilton, BM)
Appl. No.: 11/010,895
Filed: December 13, 2004
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