Accufast P3 Printer
P3 Printer
* addresses envelopes, postcards & self-mailers
* prints up to 12 lines of text on each mail piece
* variable speed, addresses 9,000 #10's per hour
* runs mail pieces 3.5" to 11.25" high and 6" to 12" long, from 20 lb. thin to .090 thick
* weighs 35 pounds, measures 12"l x 15"w x 11"h
* prints either 300 x 600 dpi or 600 x 600 dpi
* select print quality from included software
* print system features advanced Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology
* print system accepts all TrueType? fonts
* feeder holds a 6" high stack of mail pieces
* simple, one button operation
* tool-free maintenance
* requires only a PC running Microsoft? Windows? 95 or 98
* runs off computer's parallel printer port
* optional high-capacity ink delivery system
* optional ACCUFAST CS3 variable-speed conveyor
* its outstanding feature is it's combination of straight-forward design, operation and results.
Address envelopes, postcards, newsletters and more with the ACCUFAST P3 Address Printer. Print 6 to 12 line addresses up to 9,000 mail pieces an hour. The quick, compact ACCUFAST P3 is the perfect way to address your direct mail.
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